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Air Treatment

It is very important to keep your filter changed. You should use pleated filters. They catch more air born particles then the mesh filters.

Here are some facts. Your best bet is to research. Some contractors may tell you media filters are best. Some electronic are best. UV sterilizers are the way to go. UV sterilizers will work good with our 97.7afu furnaces. As the blower on theses units run longer at a slower speed. Giving the air more contact time with the UV unit.

The room units you see on the home network TV shows are not very good. Most contractors agree on this.

Why should indoor air quality be of concern?

Environmental Protection Agency studies have shown that the air inside our homes and workplaces is often 10-100 times more polluted than outside air. Harmful airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold, viruses, bacteria, pet dander, carpet fibers, and second-hand smoke are constantly being recirculated and inhaled while indoors. According to the EPA, a person breathes in 2 teaspoons of these pollutants each day. This can result in harmful health conditions such as allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

How does an electrostatic air cleaner work?

Air is drawn into the unit to capture particles. The airborne particles pass through an electrostatic field and receive an ionized charge. The charged particles move into a collector section where each alternate plate is charged with the same polarity as the particles. This drives the particles to the second set of plates of an opposite charge to attract and collect the particles. The remaining air, cleaned up to 95% of its impurities, is then returned to the plant or building. Electrostatic systems contain permanent cells and are available with a manual or automatic wash system.

Industry Definitions:
24.8 ASHRAE Systems & Equipment 1996 - "Electronic air cleaners can be highly efficient filters using electrostatic precipitation to remove and collect particulate contaminates such as dusts, smoke, and pollen. The designation electronic air cleaner denotes a precipitator for HVAC air filtration…..This type of air cleaner can remove and collect contaminates with an average efficiencies up to 98% …when tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.1."

How does a media air cleaner work?

Media air cleaners draw pollutants from the air through a first stage pre-filter to capture large particulate. This extends the life of the primary media filter, which uses a combination of technologies including: straining, impaction, interception, and diffusion to strip submicron particles from the air. After adsorption filters may also be incorporated to eliminate or reduce odors.

How does a cartridge air cleaner work?

Contaminated air is drawn through high-efficiency cartridge filters, where the particulate is collected on the outside of the media. Filtered air is pulled through the system and exhausted. The filtered air then passes through the clean air plenum and is exhausted. The venturi pulse or patented Injection Self-Cleaning System (ICS) blows compressed air through the filter in the reverse direction, thus dislodging smoke and dust from the filter. The solid pollutants are then collected in a dust drawer or barrel for periodic disposal. This method allows for multiple loadings and unloadings on the filter media.