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ClimasureSingle-Stage Gas Furnace

Designed to Fit Almost Anywhere.

■。 Designed from the ground up to combine economy and efficiency in one compact unit, the Climasure furnace is housed in an optimized 33-inch cabinet, which makes them perfect for installations in closets, attics, garages and other tight spaces.

Safety First.

■。 For your peace of mind, we’ve included a long list of safety features. Specially designed sensors shut off the unit if burners fail to light properly, a flue blockage occurs, temperatures exceed the norm, or the blower door is removed. And, the computerized control system constantly monitors all functions — just to make sure.

 Durability in Every Detail.


Quality materials and manufacturing ensure that the entire system is built to last. The hot-surface ignition system is virtually maintenance-free. Our aluminized steel tubular heat exchangers are made to resist the corrosion and cracks which can develop in die-formed exchangers. And, the heavy-duty cabinet is made of pre-painted steel with an appliance-like finish which resists corrosion and fading.

Less Noise Is Big News.

■。 Gas furnaces can be noisy. But, Climasure models use the latest technologies for quieter operation — like an insulated blower compartment to minimize heat loss and reduce noise in your home. And, thanks to an enclosed burner box, start and stop cycle sounds are greatly reduced.

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Advanced RPJ® heat exchanger optimizes heat transfer

Induced draft combustion blower for efficient performance

Multispeed PSC circulation blower for durability and reliability

33 1/3" height adds installation flexibility

Energy-saving 80% AFUE.

  • * See published warranty for complete details.