When it comes to pricing. We try to be fair. Many companies just gouge the public. We don’t. With the economy in bad shape it can be very difficult to make ends meet. We try to keep our employees working.

  Our pricing is based on our overhead. We have many expenses. Building, phones, insurance, gas, payroll, healthcare, fuel It all adds up.

  What’s the price difference between us and other companies? More money in your pocket.  We could sell cheaper units. However we stand by what we sell. We could sell lower cost units like Goodman, Armstrong, Ducane or units named after kitchen appliances or units made in Mexico like Payne. We would make more money on them. We believe that you deserve quality products at an affordable price. If you find a better price we can beat it. If we use cheaper units.(builders units.) We are not saying they are bad units.

  Rheem units were number one in Consumers Reports. In fact we carried Rheem for over fifteen years.  Luxaire has redesigned their units. In our opinion they are now up there with Rheem.  Our ad price is usually on the money. Same goes for our estimates. We don’t make any excuses to jack up the final price. Not often, but sometimes we come in under.  Whether it’s service or installs. Customers are surprised at our fair prices. We are trying to make a living not a killing.